Our Story

Lean & Lush

The core value of Lean and Lush is originated from our mutual interest beyond clean food and healthy lifestyle. We wish to begin, promote as well as influence more people to know and obsess with healthy lifestyle routine. At the same time, it is understandable that many citizens facing insufficient time to prepare themselves a healthy meal as we are alike having long and tiring working hours in this urban era. Therefore, the concept of healthy fast food is very much appropriate and suitable for busy city people. The tagline of Lean and Lush is “Healthy Food Served With Passion” showing that our enthusiasm towards our products for customers.

The definition of Lean & Lush


Lean is not simply mean by slim but lean body mass, slim but healthy. The appropriate and effective way to keep our body fit and fiddle is with 30% of exercise and 70% of eating habits. Hence, we need to manage well on our eating habits to achieve a healthy and slim body.


Lush is rich, bold and prosperous but at the same time it does also refer to green grass.

Therefore, “Lean and Lush” is representing that we stay lean and fit but remain bold, a strong inner fighting spirit simultaneously.